yummy! Rice Krispies Kits!


I can’t pass up good deals. Like I said in my review about the rice crispy treat pumpkin kit they are totally worth the 2.50 clearance price tag for all the goodies inside.  The store did have some more pumpkin and ghost kits left. I got some more! Can’t have to many molds when you have more than one child to make them!


Since I have two giant boxes of the cereal and three bags of marshmallows (all bought on sale!) you can guess what my girls and I will be doing over my oldest’s winter break. Its even a treat i can eat since I used a milk free / soy based butter to make them.

Tonight we made some snowmen, ghosts, and pumpkins!  My oldest daughters made plates to gift people and wrote their names on them. 🙂




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