Yoga Essentials

21013720_1611504365549610_190361353_nMy two oldest daughters and I were all gifted with a Yoga Essentials Beginners Yoga Kit.  We were all looking forward to doing this together.. and so today we pushed the coffee table aside and made room for three yoga mats in front of the TV. Thankfully, we have a really large living room and plenty of space to accommodate us!

We sat down on our mats and watched the demonstration/how to use the items guide. My girls were really excited to start doing an actual work out together.

So then we selected the yoga work out (its on the same disk as the demonstration guide, but it is listed as a bonus item). We hit play… the first part was easy enough to do with the belt (an item included in the kit). But then it goes onto moves that require two blocks instead of 1. The kit only includes 1.

So I turned off the DVD after a little fast forwarding to make sure it wasn’t just a small part that needed two blocks. It was a waste of time.

I went right to youtube to make us all happy. I found a fun work out called “Yoga For Complete Beginners – 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!”  It required no prompts or anything (the mat was a bonus to use, but not required to complete the moves). It was a lot of fun!

Would I buy this item or recommend it?

NOPE! Not unless it was on a major clearance price!

When looking up buying the pieces individually or as a set, I found many places online that sell the items individually at a total price that would be well under the average retail price for the yoga kit. Buying them elsewhere individually would also include TWO blocks not just 1 as well as a choice for colors!

So I’m thankful for the gifts but will be ordering some blocks in the near future so my kids and I can do some of the moves together without us having to take turns! Until then we can have fun with our yoga mats and free videos online.


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