yay december


I’ve been trying to decorate the house and get into the Christmas spirit since the later part of November. It was near impossible for me. Like how can I celebrate anything when Liley isn’t gaining weight?

Well today’s appointment was great news! She regained 9 oz and is now 11 lbs and 11 oz. So we are keeping her on her antibiotics and not changing anything for her eating. I’m still pumping and giving the bm with soy formula. Then she can nurse til she’s done.

She will be seen again in two weeks for another weight check.  🙂 I’m really, really, really hoping we got all this figured out.

We are also planning a few holiday get together s as usual. 🙂 The girls had some requests to make special icons for girls day out and family dinners. We don’t have enough pieces to make them… so maybe I’ll get lucky and find pieces for another calendar at a second hand store!






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