Yarn Thief is Finally Asleep!

13281958_1152938461406205_961146944_n I took this picture the other day when my little yarn thief finally curled up and went to sleep against my thigh, under the crochet rug I’m working on.

She’s my oldest daughter’s kitty cat and is very active and playful. My kitty cat is a bit over 12 years old and plays occasionally, but she’s more apt to just sit in my lap on my project and headbutt my hand holdingĀ the crochet hook until I give up crocheting and just pet her.

My daughter’s cat usually isn’t a problem of sorts when I’m crocheting. Sometimes she comes over and takes a wack at the yarn as it moves. Otherwise, her interest is really in chasing her mini-human around and getting loved on. Except, she apparently REALLY LOVES yarn balls.

For this crochet project, its all vintage yarns being used for. As such, to be able to use it without tangling it as I crochet, I had to ball it. These balls… are much too attractive for this spunky cat to ignore. She keeps stealing them!!!

I had to get creative to keep the yarn balls hidden in a box to use it….



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