Would your child mind having a black doll? or a doll of a different appearance from them self?

Someone¬†asked me a semi strange question on if I thought my oldest daughter would notice she had a black doll if one was given to her for Christmas. I don’t think she would care and that she would just be happy with a new toy. It would not be her first doll that isn’t white.

A while back when I still lived in Ohio someone gave my family a ton of toys. They saw my nieces and at the time I only had Olivia, and knew the toys could and would be put to use. The majority of the dolls were black. So technically Olivia’s first doll she ever received was a black cabbage patch girl. She loved playing with it and she still has it in storage.

Sadly not all the toys were put to great use. My nieces didn’t want to bring black dolls home because their dad would get mad and all other racist related issues. Nevertheless, they still went to a good home and Livy still has a doll she adores.

I don’t think skin color matters to her. Why because its not a thing to cause separation. The shows she mostly watches are carebears and my little ponies. They are rainbow colored so there really isn’t a distinction between them except for flying pegasus, magical unicorns, and regular earth ponies.



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