World Elephant Day

August 12th is World Elephant Day!

Have you ever seen an elephant in person/ up close? I have and they are some pretty extraordinary creatures. They are also another animal that could easily end up extinct with the way people are not taking care of this planet and their natural habitats. So many people in this world are ignorant to the demands and needs of other humans and animals that do rely on the way the natural world evolved with a general harmony between people and plants. For instance, there are still remote tribes and people in the world who live like they did hundreds of years ago… and the more modern materialistic way of life is a danger for those humans, for animals, and the environment.

But today is a day to bring a world wide awareness of Elephants!

Things to do today!

1. Enjoy learning about elephants through books in coloring or reading activities

2. Take some time to talk about and think about animals and elephants in particular

3. Watch the Disney cartoon classic Dumbo. I know there are some debates about if this is an appropriate movie or not. Its just my personal opinion that any cute or sad stories for kids about animals that inspire care and compassion towards animals is a good thing for children to watch so they can learn to develop compassion and understanding for all forms of life.

Happy Elephant day!


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