Worker picks through boxes of ribs to create the best box?

I had asked my sister to pick up a box of Ribs from one of the local grocery stores at this city I just moved to.  They had a sale / sign that said they sold 10 pounds of ribs for 10 dollars. It seemed like a great deal.

My sister said  that when she got to the grocery store  there were no ribs out on the sales floor. My sister inquired about if there were any more to a worker at the store. Then my sister was informed that a worker at the store had gone through all of the packages of ribs to make a box of the “best ribs” for them self. That the box was then labeled and put aside for the person to pick up on a later date. Its the writing on the box in the top right hand corner.

The associate offered the box to my sister and said the rest of the boxes had to be repackaged.

I can NOT believe that something like this would be able to happen in any grocery store meat department! This is the second box of ribs I have purchased from there and I am pretty sure it will be my last time too. I just don’t trust a place that would have any sort of activities like this. It raises all sorts of questions on if proper health codes and things are actually being followed in the store.

This is like my third not so favorable incident at the store! The first two was buying ground meat that turned brown before I could even go the estimate 30 minutes to my house to cook it within the hour of purchasing it. The other was to purchase a bottle of lemon aid that had expired two months before I even moved down here.



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