woot! i love freebies!

Thanks to &acrogodess and some other rite aid advertisements I found out about a back to school freebie thing! They have a coupon in this weeks flyer for save one dollar off the purchase of two choice items from composition books, highlighters, etc. Plus they are on sale for two for a dollar. So using the. Coupon they are basically free!

One of my nieces was over and mentioned she still needed some school supplies so I offered to go with her, if her mom said it was okay. She didn’t come back and my girls were screaming to go for the walk. So I asked my stepson to text if she was gonna come or not, so no word and off I went with my girls for a walk.

I got there and read the advertisement. Asked where the chalk was because I couldn’t find it and the lady was pretty rude about the coupon use going its one per a person! I was like okay and went off to try and find the chalk.

Livy wanted one for her and one for Abby and she wanted the composition book I had picked up already. So I was like what the heck, she said one per a person right? Livy is a person.

So I used a coupon and so did Livy. The chick was a little rude about that but I pointed out both she and the coupon said its one per a person and not one per a household.

So thank you rite aid! I know my girls will love learning and using the chalk outside or on their chalk baby doll high chair! As for the notebook and pencil sharpener she is still learning to write and drawl. It will come in handy!!


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