Woolly Worms!

1890558_847697611930293_3869158639297089388_oThe other day when I was walking out of a room I found Buckeye my cat swatting at something on the floor. At first I thought it was a pony toy or something and then it moved. So I take a closer look at see that it is a woolly worm!

These are cute little caterpillars that hibernate over the winter and turn into beautiful tiger moths. I mean real gorgeous moths that very easily could be mistaken for a butterfly. 🙂

I know a lot of people might keep them to teach their kids a little bit about life cycles and growth of gorgeous creatures. But I did not have a safe carrier to keep him/her inside for long term use.  I have read about people making homes out of cardboard to keep them in, but its my personal opinion they don’t weather well outside over winter. Woolly Worms really need the cold weather not a heated home, to help them through the metamorphosis phase into a moth.

+lionpaw photo – I took this picture of our house guest Mr. Wooly Worm!


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