WIP: Stool Covers

I started two stool covers for my daughters. Our craft/study/office room is rather dark in colors. It has a wood looking panels on all four walls so its mostly a dark brown in color. 🙁 My husband is completely against painting it so the only way to add colors to space is through the curtains/valances I am still sewing and accessories.

I had the girls pick out colors for their seats. Olivia chose red and blue and Abigail selected blue and green. So that’s what I’m doing (they even match the curtains!).

I don’t have a pattern for it. I just kinda measured the stools and made them a little bigger. Then I cut them down to size. I crocheted a strip around the bottom to make it kinda hug the stool a little bit more than just sitting there. I plan to eventually crochet some more rows around the bottom of them once I pick up some yarn to match the curtains.

I think the girls like their little space to do projects and keep their supplies organized. 🙂


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