WIP: Placemats & Dinnerware


So I’ve been looking up some of the patterns for dishes that I’ve been collecting lately. I really would like to get a complete service for eight among these different collections (pictured right). I also looked up other sets done by these companies and others from the 1970’s erra. There are a few more really lovely sets that would totally add a splash of other colors to the mix. So who knows, maybe I will get lucky.

So far my “set” consists of pieces from these sets: Ceramic Guild’s “Sunshine” Collection, Mountain Wood Collection for “Trellis Blossom” and “Dried Flowers”, and finally Woodhaven Collection for the “Sunnybrook” set.

I also really wouldn’t mind getting a good amount of different bread plates from those collections and others similar to use for deserts or refreshment plates for fun random together s.  They are just so cute and pretty in my humble opinion…

13451217_1166943856672332_1884005815_n To go with my hopes of making a dinnerware service of eight… I am crocheting a set of eight fall themed placemats. 🙂 The photo here doesn’t do the colors much justice.. But it is my current work in progress to do outside since carrying out a heavy carpet just ain’t happening on these lovely sunny days.

Even if I don’t get my service of 8, they will go great with our current event gathering service set for 20 individuals.  So either way its a win-win!

I just hope they come out as pretty in reality as I am picturing them to be.


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