WIP: Fundraiser Quilt

20179842_1576282132405167_94614806_nSince I’m at a temporary break on my other quilt (not sure how to piece it together yet and the awesome lady I’m learning sewing from is out of town for about a week..).. I did start on another quilt.

This one will be for a local fundraiser. I’m trying something new for doing blocks out of long strips. So far I have 27 out of my 36 cut and only 1 square sewn together. I did however realize something when sewing the test square.. I did not account for the material that is hidden/lost when sewn together. I had been making my squares 3 inches by 9 so I’m going to have to work on a little bit of math and recalculations on layout to make sure it all comes out even! I’m happy I realized this mistake early enough to fix it! 🙂



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