WIP: Doll Accessories Sets Completed!!!

I’m really happy my girls like their sets. 🙂

1. Livy’s

Livy selected a dark pink for her border/ trim.  She wanted a pink as the primary color, so her purse is all different shades of mostly solid pink prints.




2. Abbys 

She chose a green border with a light pink. She really liked the white/pink paisley like print on black.




3.  Liley’s

Since she’s 1 I picked her colors. For her purse/bag I did a single small handle. I didn’t want to do the over the shoulder strap since it could be a chocking issue if she got it wrapped around her head/neck. So I made the handle too small for it to fit over her head. She has been putting her bottle and stuff in it.



4. The fourth set was actually completed first a while ago!

This project was a lot of fun to work on. It took a while but it was nice having little mini projects to do in the evening. I am really enjoying doing a blend of sewing and crocheting things. I must admit, after crocheting for over twenty years… it can get kind of boring doing the same thing over kinda. This sewing bit adds a whole new canvas so to speak. 🙂 I’m now debating taking a class on embroidery!

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