WIP: Burgundy Dress

21013577_1610793188954061_352431333_n Last night with help of my daughters I got to cut out the pieces to make my first dress!

Its another project from the “Easy Stitch ‘n save” M4567 by McCalls’.

This was a lot of fun. Olivia really, really, wants to help out and do a lot more than just pull out the pins (like she and Abby did last night). So who knows, it just might be that she will be helping with bigger tasks as we all learn how to set and read these patterns and stuff together. 🙂

We will be mixing a few different patterns to make the dress. I’m praying it comes out as I am picturing it in my head… but who knows. I do know we did line up the geometric patterns right for the back! I just hope they flow right when finally sewn together.

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