WIP: Baby Doll Diaper Bags


I am not one to be able to refuse a request made by my daughters. So here is my latest sewing / crochet project in the works. I’m trying to make two baby doll diaper bags for my older daughters.

Olivia helped me pick out three different scrap patterns/material pieces that she liked and thought they went good together. So then I’ve been using them like a puzzle piece to try and make some pockets and things.

I have them mostly done but still need some more time on the sewing machine to finish the sides. At home, I’ve been working on crocheting the shoulder straps and some embellishments to add on them. I also need to really figure out how to add the straps to the bag with it still looking nice.

Olivia and Abigail really want to use them now… but they are not quite ready!


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