WIP: 4 sets of Doll accessories

20597936_1589943487705698_679333726_oI have the two baby quilts almost complete! I just need to get the batting and then put them together. I decided to start on a new project in the meantime. For the past weekend I have been working on four doll accessory sets. I am making one for each of my girls and one to donate for a fundraiser. 🙂

Doll Quilts: So far I have almost all the strips made for the four quilts. There will be ten rows a piece and I have made 9 for each so far. I skipped one row just in case I need to incorporate a new color if I run out. Some of the material was free because it had been donated and others I had purchased at the store.

The colors are black/white and different shades of pink. My girls loved the colors and I’m hoping the one being donated will make someone very happy too! Color inspiration after they had each picked out a fabric type came from hello kitty/ monster high / modern chic feeling.

Pillows: The pillows will each have a total of 4 rows on each side. I only did 2 so far for each.

20527653_1589943711039009_56373366_nDiaper Bags/Purse:  Diaper bags have pieces cut out enough for 3. So I need two more big pieces to make the last one. I have completed the bulk of the sewing on the first one and just need to work on the crochet embellishments and strap.

All in all, I am having fun with it. I also made one baby doll hat too and will make more on the Sundays I can’t sew!


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