WIP: 2 Doll blankets almost done!!!

I have two of the doll blankets almost done. I just need to pull in the ends and sew a tiny spot closed (where I had flipped it right side out).

This one will be donated to a local fundraiser along with other accessories…

20727748_1598621013504612_1278633380_o (1)

This one is Livy’s…

20771581_1598621036837943_242415433_o (1)

I’m still working on Abigails and Delilahs ones.  It is a little hard as every time I bring out the bags to work on them, little Delilah grabs them all and goes running around the house while giggling! However, when she gets a little sleepy I can sit on the floor cross legged and she will lay down in my lap and let me just crochet. I remember doing that with Livy and Abby when they were that age and I was crocheting them blankets or doll things too! 🙂

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