Wine and poppers!

This did not top my husband doing a roll on the floor, but it came close! I picked up the grape juice in the wine looking bottles for the girls. My husband picked up a bottle of wine for us. We apparently do not have a bottle opener for it.   I am not sure how he popped the cork but he did. Neither of us are big wine drinkers. So I mixed mine with fruit juice! it made it taste a lot better. I think if I drink it again I will do like 1 ounce of wine in a big cup and fill the rest with juice!

The girls also got their final new years eve bag. I put the poppers in them and those Olivia enjoyed a lot more than Abby. I picked up most of the large clumps. I will have my work cut out for me tomorrow. There are a ton of blocks, blankets, and toys all over the floor. It was a fun night where I didn’t have the girls tidy up before bed. Mostly because they were really tired and Olivia almost went to bed shortly before the ball dropped. 🙂



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