Wiggle Your Toes Day

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAugust 6th is Wiggle your toes day!

Do you like to wiggle your toes? Do you know how?  I sure do! I actually fidget a lot when trying to sit still. So today seems to be a wonderful day that encourages some fun feet movements!

Ideas to have fun on celebrating the toe wiggling day:

1. Wear sandals or open toed shoes to make wiggling the toes easier whenever the mood strikes!

2. Enjoy a nice foot soaking / pampering. I really enjoy wiggling my toes in a warm water soak with a dash of Epson salt. Its just completely relaxing and soothing for sore feet that have been abused with lots of walking!

3. Have a wiggle toe “competition” between kids or play other fun toe and feet games! “This little piggy” game is a fun with babies and little kids!

Where are you, feet?

4. Take pictures of the tootsies! This photo was taken by my oldest daughter. Livy just seems to enjoy snapping pictures of her toes and shoes, especially when they are painted.

5. Enjoy a pedicure!



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