Why is it so hard to find a decent sewing facebook group?

After joining a few different sewing groups over the past few months to learn more about sewing I’ve finally decided to make my own. I’m just not happy with what I’ve found so far.

I’m so sick and tired of people using the anonymous nature of the internet to be means for them to just be general dirt bags to each other.  I mean like seriously? I’ve seen people make introductory posts about themselves to be ripped apart because the group members don’t want to waste time reading about people/fellow members. Down to people posting pictures of their creations to be insulted and belittled for having made it. Sure I personally don’t see the point in me ever making a quilt to resemble people engaged in coupling in the adult fashion or to make quilts highlighting the different body parts that distinguish male from female; but if someone else wants to then that is their prerogative in what they spend their free time on. I’m sure it is likely great art for an adult only theme / venue. However, that doesn’t mean I personally want to see such things nor would I want my children to.

Is it really to much to ask for, to be in a group where questionable pictures that include violence, sex, blood, injuries, etc to be put in the comments section so those scrolling through do not have to be forced to see it? Apparently it is!

So I’ve decided to make a little group called Sewing Helpers (inspired by my favorite crochet group called Crochet Helpers).

In this group a person is encouraged to make friends and find inspiration for new projects. Ask questions, share positive advice, show off your work in progress! Consider Sewing Helpers as a nice little coffee table people can gather around and enjoy sewing together. If you know of any organizations that are looking for sewn items to be donated, share it! See a good sale for sewing materials? share it! Help spread positivity to help others!

By no means will negative comments be tolerated. Please keep all pictures (that are in the original post) to be of clean nature for those viewing at work, during meal times, or with children. If there is a sewing project that is slightly questionable, feel free to post a warning in the post what it is about/details, and then provide the image in the comments section so no one is forced to see it immediately. Most of all, please remember all images/posts should abide by Facebook rules/terms of services!

Please stay on topic of sewing!

Have a great day!



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