Why is animal sacrifice barbaric but our treatment of animals is not?

I’ve been watching an America Unearth which talked about a possible sacrifice alter found in the US near Chicago. The age of the¬†Waubansee Stone is¬†unknown and it was rumored to be there long before the first fort was put there over 200 years ago. They also mentioned how it is very similar to another stone with a carved face located down in FL.

That both of them were carved stones that had a bowl like area the size of a baby and a carved face at the bottom with the eyes closed and mouth open. It briefly touched on the topic of sacrifice in that it was a common practice in old times. A practice that is well now considered barbaric in how people treated other people and animals. This “use” for the stones popped up a few times when I was looking online for more information about them.

But it has me wondering, how is it any more barbaric to sacrifice an animal a thousand years ago in religious practices than how people treat animals today? Has no one looked into the lives of the chickens, cows, and other animals that are treated so poorly just because they are considered food items that people can easily waste? They live poor lives to be killed, end up in a few packages, put on some tables where people are not always grateful for the blessing of food, and then thrown away because how much of food is wasted and ends up in the trash instead of used?

America Unearthed Episode referenced: The Blood Stone




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