What substitutes do you use for potatoes?


I admit I love a good baked potato or it in any form. They can be +healthy in moderation.   But it still doesn’t hurt to have some substitutes to cut back on some of the carbs. What substitutions do you use for potatoes?   Blended up cauliflower is a great break from mashed potatoes.

Tonight I really wanted some great seasoned potatoes. My husband hates potatoes though, so I had to add  mean of some sort for flavor.  I still wanted a good tasty filler that wouldn’t be a major calorie waste.

So this is what I did.

I peeled 4 potatoes one for each of us and cooked them with a package of diced turkey bacon on medium for about 20 minutes. I added in about a cup of diced carrots and half a stalk of diced celery. I cooked all of it on low with garlic and some olive oil for about an hour.  When it was almost done I added a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and let it melt before serving.

He wanted some baked chicken so he got that too.

I was real happy with how it all came out. 🙂 Not the total healthiest but we made it from home and it sure beats fast food!
My daughters helped me prepare all the tasty vegetables

tasty vegetables


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