What is your mailbox like?

I was reading the Afar travel magazine with my daughters today. One of the articles they were super interested in was the one on what mailboxes look alike around the world. There are a ton of neat looking ones and they are colored just so brightly and lively. Olivia really enjoyed the article and didn’t want to read anything but those two pages.

It made me wonder a bit about mail boxes in the United States. I have seen some pretty creative and crafty ones shaped like houses or chickens. For the most part they are a standard black box with a red colored flag that goes up or stays down depending on if there is mail in there to be collected by a postal worker.

Some of the mailboxes in the magazine look like they have spots for a key to unlock them. I’m happy that we don’t have to revert to locking up mail! In some places in the USA I’m sure people need to revert to such protective actions. I’m glad that I have lived in areas where the mailbox is basically a free safe thing to store letters and other written forms of communication.

My mailbox is rather plain and looks like hundreds of others I pass by dotting along these country roads. What is your mailbox like?



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