What could people accomplish if we stopped fighting each other?

I was watching the movie Gravity with my husband when a little question occurred to me.  What could humans really do, if we stopped fighting each other? What if we did world-wide joint activities to promote the betterment of all people? For sciences? for everything!

I mean in the movie there were two different space stations. The American one and the Russian one. Its not as the real world doesn’t have an international space station among private items in space. But humans are taking steps towards setting foot on a third body of space if and when people colonize the planet Mars. Who knows where we could be in a hundred years from now or a thousand?

There are a ton of different organizations which are out there trying to bridge topics from one country to another for peace, health, the environment, and so on.

But there are also a lot of people who don’t want to pay to helping people in their own country for food or health care, let alone¬†contributing to a “different” one.

Does anyone else ever wonder what people could really accomplish if every action was made to do something positive instead of negative? instead of spending billions and trillions on items to kill or harm others it was spent to educate, take care of, and help those that need it?

What do you think could really happen?



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