What can you make with an old jeans leg?

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWhen cleaning up my house after moving in, I did find an old pair of my sisters jeans. They were pretty worn at the inner thigh area and butt so they were ready to be thrown out. So I had trimmed them into shorts. It left me with two denim leg parts that were still good for material!

What could they be used for? I decided to try and make some little bags for my daughters to use when trick or treating. Then I didn’t get around to sewing them as I had injured my right hand when a car door got closed on it when I was getting out.

The other day I started sewing some and made two little bags out of the material. I also had an idea to make two little skirts too since the girls were playing in the pieces and I thought they would make some great skirts!

I am still working on both of these projects as I would like to embellish them with some crochet parts for handles, flowers, and such!



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