we need to stand together…


received_1383267218373327I’ve been trying hard  to not step into the political realm unless it’s a major issue really close to my heart that needs addressed. That’s the case with all the load of crap being spewed in relation to facts or alternate facts… Science… And most importantly the environment.

I’m all for seeing different sides to things. Nothing is ever really black or white when talking of philosophy; morals and ethics.

However there are some things in science that are for sure black or white with a yes or no answer.  If it’s raining then it’s raining. If the Sun is out then the Sun is out.

Can things change? Sure! Science changes all the time as we learn and grow and see new things in the world.

As we explore new parts of our world and planets beyond our own we come across new things that might question our perception of what can or can’t be true. But if it’s right there in front of us, isn’t it true? We can’t ignore facts just because we don’t like it.

Do we really need some ~ 70 year old whose got major issues seeing what’s in front of him to silence and quiet the truth? After all he’s crazy enough to see people when they are not there. I thought most kids out grew having invisible friends?

received_1383267691706613I’m surprised he’s not burning people who argue the earth is round and not flat. Instead it seems he will be trying to silence those who are speaking out about the dangers of global warming, climate changes, and the impact all of this will have on US, our kids, our families and friends. 
This…is just a warm up for him too.  He’s already tweeting about “intelligence agencies” failure to sensor the media to paint an alternate view of himself. He’s gagging others to keep the truth from view.

…. this… is just a little nerve wracking!

I’m so thankful we have some pretty amazing people out there trying to keep the truth from being hidden!



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