Way to go huffington post! Spread ignorant racism bullsh*t

I read a very horrible article posted on the “huffington post” website today. It was something that had popped up on facebook and I wish it hadn’t at all. It was titled “Disturbingly Different Responses To The Disney And Cincinnati Zoo Tragedies”  by Ranier Maningding. After reading the entirety of it, it appeared to me as nothing more than the ravings of yet another hate spreading individual.

They open it with some snarky comments concerning the parents. How its unfair they were mentioned being what they were. That one father has a criminal background and the other has a job. And that matters how? Oh yeah, because as the author of the article pointed out this is all important in the social media campaign to “racializing Black parents”and “ALL OF THIS BULLSHIT is a way to disprove the humanity of Black parents” (Maningding; Para 4 & Para 11).

What really amazes me about this all, is they are seemingly upset over the facts of the cases as they had been shared by the media. Both cases involving the children are things I wish had never had happened. But is that “author” correct in their assessment of the “facts”?

I strongly disagree with them. Its all to easy for people to use the “US verses THEM” mentality to separate and divide people. But when I look up articles for what happened at the Cincinnati Zoo I’m not reading anything about a race mentioned for the family. Nor am I seeing such race cards played in regards to what happened at Disney.

I see the Cincinnati Zoo as a horrible event and what happened at Disney’s resort as a horrific tragedy.  The reason being in the differences and similarities between the two events. .

What seemed to have happened at the Cincinnati Zoo was a bad case of parents not paying attention to their child and taking care of their child. This lack of attention allowed their child to wander off unnoticed. The child managed to get in with an endangered gorilla.  What happened in there is what no parents ever want to see happen to their child.

Who do I think was at fault as if it matters? I think both parents and the zoo. For you see, on one hand I do think people need to keep their eyes on their children and be responsible for their actions and whereabouts.  Especially when you are in a busy zoo and you have no idea what kind of people are around or what your child can get into. On the other hand, I do think most people believe those gates and other obstacles for separation will do exactly that, keep wild animals and people away from each other. So somehow, somewhere, there wasn’t enough protection in place to keep everyone separated safely.

I am happy the little boy managed to get out alive. I feel real bad for Harambe who lost his life. I’m not a big fan of animals in cages for personal entertainment. I understand and totally respect the places that have critters who are injured or have reasons they can’t live on their own in their wild being given a home while they help serve a purpose to teach people compassion  about them and those like them.

But with what happened at Disney, it seems to be a much different story because of what happened in the past with other families and what actually happened the day of that tragic event. Unlike the Cincinnati Zoo that has signs to point out dangerous animals and fences to keep them separated from people… the Disney resort had neither of those.  There were no signs mentioning wildlife or alligators in the water. There were no fences or barricades.

That many families were allowing their children to play in that lagoon regardless of the no-swimming signs. I’m a firm believer in that just because others are disregarding the rules, it doesn’t make it right to do the same. People need to be responsible for their own choices and not just follow the “crowd” especially when it comes to their children’s safety.

Secondly, I am well aware of the fact gators can be in any body of water in Florida. I know that because I had lived in the state for around 20 years. I’ve seen them when walking to the school bus stop as a child, hanging out at a pond by a friends house, in man-made decorative ponds at shopping plazas, to pretty much everywhere. That doesn’t mean someone visiting from out of state is aware of their existence. Most tourists I had talked to in the past, thought you had to go to the everglades or the Gatorland Zoo to see a gator. I’m sure the parents thought they were safe and didn’t think about gators. I don’t think about them when I’m walking a parking lot or grounds of random hotels I visit in whichever state that isn’t Florida.

Yet there are a number of reports of OTHER families claiming they had issues with gators at that Disney resort in past trips to the resort.  That this may as well have been a known issue in which Disney or its associates had known about these other incidents and made the choice to not do anything about the possible threat alligators could pose to those that visited their resort (Tacopino).

So the death of the young boy, could maybe have been prevented had there been signs up to warn of gators? What if there had been fences? Sure like some people have said, the parents (like many others at the time) shouldn’t have allowed their child to wade in water that had a “no swimming sign” .

There overall seems to be a ton of different stories on the internet regarding exactly what happened. Overall, it seems all news media accounts have it that the parents of the boy were attentive to their child and aware of his actions and whereabouts. That the parents had immediately gone into the lake to protect and get their child once they saw a threat. The father even wrestled with the gator in an attempt to save his son.  That is a lot different than someone who wasn’t even aware of their child getting into a gorilla cage until someone else pointed it out.

So is it really an issue of race? I don’t think so. Switch the races on the families and have the same situations happen and my thoughts would still be the same. Because to me, I don’t see people as colors. I see us all as human beings which is just another form of an animal. One of which I think overall is the worst in our general disrespect we have towards others, nature, and the environment. We need less people spreading hate dividing us all, and more people spreading love and compassion to bring us together to make the world a better place.



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