Watermelon Day

breakfast out August 3rd is National Watermelon Day!

Do you enjoy eating watermelons? I love them!

Its one of the fruits and vegetables that my grandmother use to grow at her house. Watermelon are super great and tasty fruit. They can offer many health benefits to people who get to enjoy eating them on a regular basis.

Did you know there are yellow watermelons? I didn’t until shopping at one of the local grocery stores. They had one cut open and on display!

Ways to Celebrate today?

1. Enjoy eating a watermelon for a family snack or desert. You can use this delicious food to make fun shapes with cookie cutters and other food shaping tools!

2. Visit any open farms that allow people to pick their own produce. Many are ripe and in season this time of year as it usually takes around 90 days give or take for the fruit to be ready to be harvested after planting in the spring. Any day is also a good day to learn about gardening!

3. There are many free coloring pages available online that can be printed out at home.

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