Want to paint Kindness Rocks? Why should you?

“It’s not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.”
– Helen Walton

Its really easy to get into painting Kindness rocks and enjoying this fun treasure hunting experience! The idea behind sharing kindness rocks is that you may brighten the day of someone who happens to find your painted rock!

Why join this movement?

For fun and excitement? If you enjoy painting or coloring (people can decorate rocks with markers and painting pens) and going around town then this is the perfect family hobby to enjoy together! As of today, my family hasn’t found a single painted rock. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy putting rocks out there for others to find!

How much? and what do you need?

A few dollars can easily get you started but you could be lucky and find some free painting places in your neighborhood!

The basic supplies you need to get started:

  • Rocks – A few free rocks found on your latest walking adventure can easily get you started and maybe be all you need to continue sharing kindness rocks. Some places though have rocks in short supply, but luckily most lumber yards and garden centers sell large river rocks at not to bad prices at around 12-15 dollars (mind you this is a LARGE bag that can last a while!).
  • paint  – I started with the ~50 cent craft paint bottles from walmart
  • paint brushes These are optional. Abigail loves painting with her hands! You can find some decent brushes at the dollar store, walmart, and other hobby stores!
  • Mod Podge – Again, optional but highly recommended-  Mod podge help the rocks works awesome at attaching stickers, glitter and other embellishments. It enhances the colors painted! Mod podge can be purchased at dollar tree and many other stores!
  • sealant – a can of clear coat sealant is around 3$ or less. Its not needed, but helps make the rock last longer with the decorations on them!
  • I strongly recommend using a sealant of some type to help make the rocks last longer!

Who knows, you might even already have some options available to do so for free in your local community!

Some people may have some rock painting gardens/parties that anyone can stop by to use and learn about rock painting. Some craft stores are even doing rock painting events! You just have to look!

Maybe even check out Facebook to see if your local community has a rock painting and hiding group that do met ups.

Some quick tips:

  1. Wash your rocks first! Its worth the extra step!
  2. Give plenty of time to dry!
  3. Enjoy your painting and have fun with it!
    • paint one side first- allow it to dry!
    • paint the other side -allow it to dry!
  4. seal it when your done!

You might want to check out the dollar store for fun accessories!  The dollar store already has everything you might want or need – My last trip there I picked up another bottle of the mod podge glue (it cant hurt to have extra)! Plus some glitter glue to try experimenting with along with an assortment of paint brushes.

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