Walking in a brook

The girls and I enjoyed a little bit of sight seeing. There was this really nice stream / brook that just beckoned us all to dip our feet and get a little wet. I really enjoyed the sounds of running water bubbling over the smooth rocks and tree stumps. The day was just nice outside. It was warm but there was a decent breeze. The water was super cold though! It was like liquid ice but that did not deter me from enjoying a little walk around the stream.

Abigail fell down a few times but she was a good trooper to get right back up and explore some more. Olivia was more than ready to take off her shoes and just dive in for a swim. The water really wasn’t that high, at the deepest part it might have been six or so inches.

I can’t wait until we get to go back again! When was the last time you enjoyed quiet place to sit back and soak your feet?



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