Vesuvius Day

August 24th is Vesuvius Day.

Nearly two-thousand years ago Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. It was a natural disaster that a high number of people lost their lives during the event that lasted a few days. It isn’t by any means a “holiday” to be celebrated for the fun and joy. It is a day in which I think people should take a moment to do some self reflecting and soul searching.

Things to consider doing today with family

1. Talk about emergencies. Does your family have an emergency plan to follow in case of a fire, tornado, or any other kind of disaster?

2. Consider if the family is prepared for disaster. I mean no one can ever truly be totally prepared for a disaster but it does help to have some basic supplies to use in order to take care of people after one.

3. Do a little soul searching. What does life mean to you?


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