Valentines merchandise 50% off !

I went to dollar general today and they had all of their Valentines merchandise 50% off ! This  only included the non- editable holiday things.  The candy and food was only 25% off.

I had fun going through their stuff and picked up a number of things. I selected a heart shaped baking pan originally 3 dollars was then  it became 1.50$ sale price!  I did two sets of kitchen towels/pot holders originally 2 dollars a piece then 1 dollar. Plus a number of craft kits and decorative pieces. In total I spent 5.50 on valentines day stuff.

I used a five dollar off coupon of a 25 dollar purchase. So it took off another 20 percent. I still felt free  because of my planned budget / shopping list!

 coupons can help save so much!


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