Valentines Day Guide

30491_300February 14th is Valentines Day.

Personally, I think Valentines Day is a wonderful holiday when the focus is on sharing and expressing love between people. It shouldn’t be just a one-sided affair of showering items over to one person. But a day best enjoyed by both individuals because they have love in their lives.

Can Can valentines day be more than just expensive gifts and dates? I think so.  Its also good to remember its not just a day of romantic love but also a day for general love between friends, family, and people in general. 🙂


Ideas to celebrate the day (some of which are best worked on ahead of time!)




  • Marker Tattoos
  • Paper Hearts Snowflakes
  • Recycled hearts collage from old magazines

  • coloring – There are numerous heart themed coloring books available for the season. You can also print out specific themed pages to make your own. I found the Chinese word for love and painted it among other pages with my daughters (pictured above).
  • Television – Watch some adorable romantic movies or cartoons – There are so many to pick from. Some of my favorite children friendly ones are Lady and the Tramp, Grease, and My Little Pony’s “Hearts and Hooves Day” episode. For more of an adult themed movie idea I love “Pretty Woman” or “Just friends”. 🙂 There really are hundreds of movies that have love as a theme to them many of which are free on regular TV while many channels do holiday themed TV specials.


Snacks / Food related

 Lionpaw’s personal blog posts concerning Valentines Day celebrations.

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