Valentines Day Art!


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This was a fun project to do with my family for some Valentines Day decorations.  It was made from cardboard, paint I already had, yarn left over from crochet projects, and thumb tacks (also left over from other holiday decorating).

1. Project Idea! My husband brings back great treasures!

1513755_895482807151773_7216918668062937862_nMy husband does work in retail and every so often he finds perfect shaped cardboard boxes and what not. I’m happy to say he will bring them home for my daughters and I to use for various craft projects. The last round of “treasures” were ten perfectly shaped flat squares that are like about a foot in length on all sides.

They had no images or anything on them so it would be super easy to paint! I had a hard choice coming up with ideas and then it hit me, to do a remake off an old Valentines Day project!

It would be nice to have something to work on over the next couple of days. The girls can work on colors and letters and so much more. Plus, it would help decorate our white walls! So that’s what I’ve been mostly busy the past few days with!

2. Painting and choosing the right colors!

It was a ton of fun to just enjoy painting pretty simple. The idea I had in my mind for a Valentines Day project meant a lot of colors but I wanted to have big bold colors. So I did talk my girls into mixing different colors into making new colors to have each panel be a new color different than the ones we already made. It was a fun challenge!

I know it might seem silly, but it was overall pretty fun to watch their excitement as red and yellow mixed together turned into orange. Or how adding some white to another mix lightened it up or turned red to pink. To them, it was magic!

3. completed 10 panels backgrounds

So after we painted ten different colored panels they had to dry before we started on the next part. I like most projects to dry overnight.10959549_895482813818439_8379362905592067789_n

The reason I think its best to let them dry like this is because it gives time between steps.

My girls love to paint, but its best done in small blocks of time over a few days so they don’t get bored. Otherwise something meant to be fun and play turns into “school work” and a chore.

So I keep it lively and let them set the time frame. They want to paint 15 minutes? sure! 1 hour? sure! But if they start showing sings of being antsy its time to move on to a different thing!

4. Figuring out the messages (Feb 6th)

10978696_895482777151776_8289109739205219292_n So I had ten colored squares. I tossed around some ideas for words related to valentine’s day with my daughters. Olivia and Abigail both liked the words “love” and “kiss” then I figured out something for the last two pieces.

I did paint the letters onto the panels. My daughters painted cereal boxes and other cardboard things. Abby had fun making splash rainbows. Olivia had fun copying the letters I painted.

I did semi random colors for it all to have it a little bit light and lively.

5. Hanging up!

LOVE – Spreading a little love this Valentines Day

XO – My Valentines Day “art”

KISS (Pictured here in this post)


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