Using our Braun no touch forehead thermometer last night!

With all of the rains, cold weather, to warm weather my family has been experiencing this fall its no wonder that my youngest daughter Abigail has been feeling a little bit under the weather. She was up and down last night a lot more than is usual. She was feeling pretty warm to the touch when I checked on her.

Normally, my two year old can be super grumpy when she is woke up even if its by an accident. So its not something I like to do unless I really feel like I have to. But this morning? it was great that I was able to check her temperature and I never disturbed her sound sleep.

The reader is even wonderful to use in the dark! With my old thermometer I never would have even tried to read what the result was in the dark. With the Braun no touch forehead thermometer the display is bright and easy to see even in the dark. I did pull it back some to read the numbers as the display was highlighted yellow which does mean she not having a normal temperature.

I am not sure how many parents they listened to when they made this wonderful device but I am super glad they did! I am even happier I was chosen to try the Braun no touch forehead thermometer free courtesy of Influenster! Thank you!!!

*Braun no touch forehead thermometer?

Our Free Braun no touch forehead thermometer!



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