Uh oh! Oppsie!

I love popcorn! We had one of those big popcorn cans from Christmas. No matter how much my family and I enjoy the flavored popcorns in the can… we still had a lot of it left though we have had it for over a month.

Its just been nice to have for an occasional sweet treat in the caramel ones. Or the cheddar cheese for something salty.

I kept the can on the floor in the living room, usually by the tv. The girls occasionally move it around to use it as a seat. That’s what Abby was doing when the lid popped off and popcorn exploded everywhere!  She giggles and said “Uh oh! oopsie!”

To add to the messy fun Olivia picked up the lid and tossed all the popcorn that had landed on it.

Got to love kids 🙂


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