Toddler Zones

The Blue Plum festival had a free children’s play area. Inside that zone there was a toddler play area that had a swing set, playhouse, and other odds andĀ ends little kids enjoy. My girls loved it and we visited the area twice. Livy kept asking to go back when we were sight seeing around all the vendors.

Olivia really enjoyed the two big curvy slides. She kept taking turns with the other kids. At one point she even went down the slide once with her little sister Abigail. Abby enjoyed the tunnels and smaller slide.

As much as they used it, my husband said their new swing set must have a slide!

Livy also wants her playhouse back at our home. The girls have one identical to the one at the kids play area. Its just temporarily in storage with all of our other house items while we do the house remodel.



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