Tis the season…

20161130_184733We’ve been watching Christmas shows and reading holiday themed books. Abigail is completely hooked on the movie “Santa claws”. Its very much like Santa Claus except with kittens. 

We’ve included Christmas themed books into our nightly entertainment. Delilah loved Alvin in the “a chipmunk Christmas”. Shed smack him whenever she saw him on a page. I think she’s pretty fascinated with the color red.

For our first night of December my husband made a chocolate fudge brownie. We read “snowmen at night” among other books about kitty cats.

Our tree is mostly up..it’s got a ton of garland the girls put up. Tonight we are adding our ornaments.

I’m really looking forward to tonight. Most likely making cupcakes and got a cute movie to see too. Not to mention aside from lights outside and some more inside we really didn’t get decorations up yet. Mostly because we all have been sick.



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