Thrift shop Day!

August 17 is Thrift shop Day!

What is a thrift shop? Its a place that sells used or new items that were donated by personal individuals or businesses. It depends on the thrift store in question but they can sell everything that a personal can basically use to run a house hold. From furniture, to books, to clothes, and dishware. I have seen all sorts of neat odds and ends in there!

Some of my favorite items that I no longer have were purchased from a thrift store. I bought an oil painting of a few kittens that was completely one of a kind. I mean literally when I opened up the dented frame to re-frame it, it was clearly on a piece of paper with the little broken folds where it had been ripped from a very large drawling pad.

Do you like to shop at thrift stores? I think its a wonderful way to live in which a person can help reduce the overall waste produced from only purchasing new items. That it also helps make living affordable because the prices are usually reasonable.

Things to celebrate today!

1. Enjoy visiting a few local thrift stores. Assuming any are open! Majority seem to be closed on Sundays!

2. Browse online for antiques and interesting finds found inside thrift stores.

3. Clean up an over filled closet or room. Make a box with any items that are still in good condition but no longer have a use for you, they may as well be useful to someone else if you donate them!

4. Learn about the value of sharing items from one child to another, or one generation to another, to help reduce the overall waste added to the landfills every year.

5. Consider doing your own “trash to treasure” project! Find an item in a thrift store that you can re purpose into something useful now for your family. I turned an old mail / letter holder into a useful TV/DVD remotes and Game control holder (we use it a lot but still occasionally lose the remote under the couch!)!

6. Listen to a real cute song called “Thrift Shop” by┬áMacklemore & Ryan Lewis !

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