This little pixie can be such a sneaky-butt!


Sure this is a slightly older picture of Olivia but boy did she try to pull a sneaky fast one on me today!

Like I said in my three good things for today I plan to paint and do zumba today. To do that though, I wanted to pick up some of the girls toys they have been playing with this morning such as their mega bloks, my little ponies, dolls, and all those related tiny toys. The ones that hurt the feet when stepped on.

So I told her before we could paint and do zumba, we need to pick up first. Her idea though? Was I get to pick out a mommy show for us to watch, then I can pick up the toys because I helped make the mess, then we can can paint and do zumba.

I was like “so you are letting me pick the movie, because you don’t want to clean up and I said no tv when there is a mess on the floor?”. Livy looked all angelic and cute and said “maybe, but its a good idea!”


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