This cake is NOT what I ordered from Walmart!


I am SO NOT HAPPY with the cake I ordered and paid for at walmart! Yesterday, they called and said they couldn’t make my cake because they didn’t have a kit.  Well you can read all about it in the links below!

Anyways, so my cake was suppose to be right.I was very clear in what cake I had wanted when I talked to the manager there yesterday, showed him the picture in the book and everything.

I go in to pick it up and the lady asked me if I didn’t want the kit attached to it. I was like “um, I was told they didn’t have it, but they would have a doll I could see what it looks like on it”. So she asked what I had wanted, I said I ordered the Disney Royal Garden one. She went in the back and pulled out a Disney Kit. I was surprised. I had asked if they had any disney kits yesterday and I was willing to change and order something else if it was needed to keep with the theme. They had said they had NONE.

Well, she takes my “cake” out and immediately I see its NOT what I ordered.  Its shaped like a number 1. I did NOT order that.

I was like that’s not what I ordered. She said she can’t make a new one at all because she is busy and has other cakes to make. I ask to speak to a manager by name, the one I talked to yesterday. He said he’d be working today. A different manager came. He “apologized” and said he could discount it but they could not make a new one for me based on what I wanted and had ordered.

I had two options, buy it at a discount as is, or leave without a cake.

What was I suppose to do? I had a party and knew no one could make it with a not even a 24 hour notice, let alone an about 2 hour notice!

I paid for a horrible cake that is not even remotely like what I ordered or wanted. 🙁 There are NO flowers, no colorful border, no nothing! I asked and they couldn’t and would NOT even add a few flowers or colorful decorations to it. I mean come on, how hard would it have been to add some flowers?!?!?!

All about my experience with placing an order for a cake at walmart!
7/26/2013  We order cake:

8/1/2013  Walmart can’t make my cake I ordered ( since the decorator already colored the cake, she would not recolor it for a different theme. I’d have to use what she made ) !

8/1/2013 Go in to get the cake fixed/ordered right

8/2/2013 I pick up a cake that is nowhere near what I ordered. Its not even the right shape! The store manager person did find some actual theme Disney princess kit to be similar to what should have been on the cake. However, its still nowhere near what I ordered.

8/2/2013 I emailed walmart

8/6/2013 I go into other walmart to take a picture and get a number to call about it. Since there was no response to the email I had sent.


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