The Wolf puppies!

When I went to the Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium it was mostly to see the new wolf puppies!

It was super neat. When walking into the vicinity of the wolf exhibit the wolves were howling and super active. It did scare my youngest daughter Abigail who is turning 2 in less than two weeks. We get up to the en-closer and only got to see two of the three adult wolves milling around. They didn’t seem to mind the occasional rain drops.

The puppies were being kept separate. My sister said they will be introduced to the pack later in the summer, so until then they have their own spot in the nature park. My family wandered around and they were not in what I suspect is the usual closure. They were milling around with some researchers/ observers who were taking photos, writing down I guess notes, and so on. They had signs up to be quiet and since the girls kept squealing loudly we moved on down to let them do what they needed to do.

The puppies are just so adorable. They are larger than a lot of adult dogs and just so active. One kept chewing and pulling on a tree branch. Another kept pouncing their companion. Then two more stayed back near the researchers.

I hope to go again soon to see them again. 🙂


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