The St Patricks Day Parade


The St Patricks Day Parade done by our local city was today. I’m not sure if it was the cold weather that just made it seem all bleh  or walking to the main road it goes down and watching a crazy mum curse and scream, chase, and threaten her child with the beating of a belt.  It was just so sad. My heart ached for the little child all dressed up in green who seemed like they were ready to have fun at a parade, being chased by a woman assaulting her in daylight. If the mom was that crude, God knows what she did when they got home.  It certainly wasn’t something I wanted my daughter to see much less that poor child victim to experience. I don’t understand why someone didn’t step in since all the streets were blocked off with security and what not!

Aside from that, it was the worst St Patricks Day parade I have gone to since moving and living here.

I have gone a number of times with nieces, etc and it always seemed like at the parades the older kids are ignored. Not today. The people handing out candy, etc seemed to focus on those older kids. There were a few teenagers that were to our left / the direction the parade was coming from and they had no problems quickly taking candy that Abigail and Olivia were not quick to pick up.

As in, if someone tossed a handful of candy to the teenagers, then another fingerful towards the blanket I put down for us all to sit/stand on, etc.  The teenagers would quickly pick up and grab all their candy and then grab the pieces the girls were still trying to pick up. Abigail is 1, she’d pick up a piece and put it in her box, then try to go for another piece, etc. They almost ran her over!

I was super thankful when one of the ladies sitting in a chair near the back moved up and sat to my immediate left since she acted like a nice barricade.  🙂

The music at the parade was non-existent or nearly so.  In the past parades not just this holiday one, they usually have the music nicely spaced out between school bands, local radio stations, etc. So from the start of the parade to the end there are neat beats to dance to and enjoy. It was mostly a lot of waiting with occasional engine roars from a muscle car. The spacing was so bad that there were a number of times I swore it had to have ended because there was nothing in sight, no sounds, nothing.  But they usually have a police car at the end of the parade train and no cop car had come as an end!

Overall, I am thankful that the city does put on parades and I’m sure its not easy to run them. But I’d rather a 30 minute parade that is lively and fun than an hour long parade where there is nothing in sight in any direction!




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