The little lightning bug that escaped!

Last night my family and I did some lightning bug catching. We had made our own jars to hold the bugs in that we caught. The one thing I really didn’t think about was that some of the air holes I poked in the lids were large enough for the bugs to crawl out of.

I knew we wouldn’t be keeping the bugs for long and I had every intention to release them once my daughters were asleep. Except, one decided they would let themselves out while my girls were still admiring them inside of their decorated jars.

It might have been easy catching it when we were outside, but the little lightning bug was having no parts of a recapture by human hands. In fact it darted and weaved while our mommy cat Ponyo and her kittens tried to get a hold of it.

Eventually, I was able to get a hold of it and release it back into the wild with all of the other lightning bugs we got our hands on.

I also learnt the important lesson to have the jars so the bugs can’t get out of them. I added a piece of lace to the lids so the bugs couldn’t slip out of the air holes again.¬†

How to make a lightning bug jar from an old drink glass bottle!


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