The crazy sucker and the sucker thieves!

My house has been over run by candy suckers!!!  When I was shopping at sams I picked up a giant bag of little dum dum suckers. Then while I was out doing some more shopping I picked up a little bag of Tootsie Roll Pops.  Olivia and Abigail each enjoyed a tootsie roll pop in the car on the way home. Its like a 30 minute drive to get anywhere. I love the country roads!

Later that night, my daughters each got another tootsie roll pop and much to my surprise this is what my oldest daughters tootsie roll pop looked like. It had a second stick stuck in and around the candy part. Olivia was upset it was dirty and broke when she opened it up. I took a picture of it and then tossed the candy.

We opened up the big bag of dum dums. Which much to my regret, ended up being thrown all over the floor! Abigail had to be like her big sister and threw away her tootsieroll pop. Then Abigail opened up three dum dum suckers and snacked on those while Livy helped me clean up all the suckers.

Every time Abigail thought I wasn’t looking at her, she’d try to sneak another piece of candy! Olivia was just as guilty in trying to sneak an extra sucker. She kept all her favorite ones in a pile and put the other colors in the bag during clean up time.



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