The baskets… the bunny left

10013944_742505039116218_4592652009446648003_n 10153096_742504812449574_4948475507081839213_nIt wasn’t easy finding some things for the girls Easter Baskets. I just don’t feel right giving Livy a lot of sweets Abby can’t have but I wanted to find them something they would both enjoy.

So I bought each of them:

One Cherry Pie (6 in a box for 2 dollars), one skittles box, and 1 hello kitties gummy box also a dollar, and marshmallow suckers.

Then their baskets were each one dollar with a 20% off with coupon, so they were 80 cents.

Then for activity items I picked out a care bear coloring book with crayons for 1 dollar and Abigail one that was themed for Clifford the big red dog. I also had bunny masks and Easter stamp sets I bought in last years holiday clearance 90% or more off.

So Under seven dollars total on candy, under two dollars on baskets, and under two dollars on activity items. So all in all, under 11 dollars for two kids Easter Baskets. 🙂

I don’t think its a matter of a ton of candy, lots of money, etc for holiday basics. I think its more about quality time and picking out things that can be done together.


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