Thanksgiving Board Game!

This year my family added a new activity to our game playing on thanksgiving! We made our own board game for the holiday!

It was a lot of fun. I added some little extra things in it similar to chutes and ladders. So some spaces if people landed on them, they had to:

  1.  collect leaves – roll to see what space the ended up landing on when they were done cleaning leaves. Some were forward,others were back some spaces.
  2. Take a nap – After eating to much, they had to take a nap and miss two turns.
  3. Pick a pumpkin – Similar to the collecting leaves they either moved forward or went back some spaces!

All items we had on hand except for the poster board I went out and bought for 50 cents (2 for a 1$ at dollar tree).


  • Plastic doll food – We already had but dollar tree sells bags of them 1$
  • large foam dice – I previously purchased at dollar tree
  • markers, crayons, pens
  • stencils – gift from JCPenny’s Kids Craft monthly activities
  • poster board

My kids really liked the “Squash a food” sorry game aspect of it! If a piece landed on someone else square the piece squashed the existing one and moved it back one space!

We played it two different ways: 1 as a race to get the food to the finish. The other was just playing together as a team to get all the foods to the finish!


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