Thank you Kellogs and Shutterfly!

I admit I should probably start checking my offers in my email box more often. I get so many that are “free” but the cost to process, handle, and/or ship is just too costly to even bother getting the “freebie”. So I just don’t bother!

I was skimming my inbox and clicked on a +freebie from Kellogg’s. I look it over and it was 20 dollars off the purchase of holiday cards. Then it had another unique code to use for +free shipping.   I could NOT pass that up! I put in both codes and it worked. So I browsed through some card choices and text my hubby if it were okay to spend $1.33. He said yes, so I ordered them!

25 cards for 1.33 $ They will be a great basis for the girls to help make some cards. 🙂

Thank you Kellogs and Shutterfly!



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