Tell a Fairy Tale Day

 February 26th, is Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI’m sure every culture has some form of fairy tale people share with the younger generations to pass on morals, values, and culture norms. What is your favorite fairy tale?

I love reading them and to be honest, I love writing short stories. It use to be so much fun when it came to writing campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons and other Role-Playing Games.  I really enjoy writing about elves and made up a few different races for my “game world”.  I even had some stuff published too.

Its most definitely something I will get back into once the girls are a little older.  Until then, I can most definitely come up with a little fairy tale with them today.

That will be our craft project for the day. We will color and drawl some pictures to go along with our fairy tale we make up.

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