Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Take Your Daughter to Work Day changes. Its the 4th Thursday of the April Month.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day was part of an initiative to show young ladies they can have an impact in the work force. Over the past few decades it has evolved to be take your child to work day. By child it can be a person’s biological kid or neighbors and so on.

Its great for children to learn about various jobs and how they do impact peoples lives.

activities to do today to celebrate: 

1. Bring your child to work – Not all companies encourage bringing kids to work so its best to get confirmation before showing up at work with your little ones. If they do allow it, its a great idea to have them see you at your job!

2. watch a movie about women or men at work or doing new jobs. Some ideas are: “A League of Their Own, Charlie’s chocolate Factory, Lilo and stitch



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